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Antique Striped Regency Glove Box


Antique Striped Regency Glove Box

Rosewood and Satinwood striped glove box with ornate faceted cut steel stud work that run on the top and front.

The Glove Box interior has its original lining with blue silk and paper and comes with a fully working lock & tasselled key.

Satinwood is found in India and Sri Lanka. It has a rich golden colour and an almost reflective sheen. Satinwood is traditionally used for high quality furniture.

Rosewood has many variations.

Rio Rosewood, also known as Jacaranda, Palisander, Bahia Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood, originates from Brazil. It is now banned from export and only old stock may be traded. Rio comes in many colours from medium-brown, dark-brown and even orangey, each with dark streaks. It is a very rare wood now and if logs are found they are reserved for only the very finest of items.

Indian Rosewood, also known as Bombay Rosewood or Bombay Blackwood, is found in India and Indonesia. It is highly valued for its striking appearance with colours ranging from a medium-brown to dark red-brown with even darker grain lines.

Madagascan Rosewood, found in Madagascar is a pink-brown colour with a darker almost purple grain. It is one of the least used Rosewoods due to limited resources and carefully controlled cultivation. As with other, rarer wood types this is reserved for finer items due to its higher price.

Mexican Rosewood, or Bocote, is found in Central America and is not actually a rosewood. It has adopted the name due to its many similarities with other Rosewoods.

Mexican Rosewood is a dark brown colour with almost black veining.

San Dominican, found in the Dominican Republic, is a rare wood due to its limited availability. It has a pink-brown colour sometimes shading towards a darker brown.

Santos Rosewood, also Known as Santos Palisander or Pau Ferro, is found in South america especially Brazil. It was originally marketed as a cheaper replacement for Rio Rosewood due to its appearance and colour range.

Shipping Cost:
United Kingdom £25
Europe £45
International £65

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Material Wood
Age C. 1830
Dimensions Width 10 in  (25.40 cm)   Depth 4 in  (10.16 cm)  
Height 2.50 in  (6.35 cm)