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Antique Tunbridge Ware Brighton Pavilion Sewing Compendium


Antique Tunbridge Ware Brighton Pavilion Sewing Compendium

Brighton Pavilion sewing compendium of architectural design, inspired by Nash’s Brighton Pavilion. The onion shaped top unscrews to reveal a pin cushion with faded velvet shows signs of little wear, the base unscrews revealing a thimble, tape, waxer, pin cushion, and needle case all vibrantly painted with blue circular lines. This fantastic example is made of sycamore and is in super condition.

Treen tunbridge pieces such as these were unique to the south east of England and architectural designs were particularly desirable. This example is no exception and very much sought after by collectors of sewing items, Tunbridge and Treen.

Tunbridge Ware items originate from the beautiful spa town of Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent. We always have a very good selection which showcase the techniques of tessellated mosaic, stickware, perspective cube mosaic, vandyke and painted pen work.

Tunbridge Wells and Tunbridge in Kent, England became popular in the 17th Century for their therapeutic waters. By the 18th century Tunbridge Wells was a hugely popular Spa resort. Shops and stalls were set up to sell local work of distinction to visitors as souvenirs. Many of the original boxes were decorated with all sorts of different kinds of designs.

Many of the Tunbridge boxes had a central image with views of castles, churches, pavilions, animals, country scenes and sometimes people, such as the Young Prince of Wales. These were surrounded by a variety of bandings and panels of floral and geometric designs.

All our items come with authentication certificate with image, as well as our latest catalogue, how to look after your antique booklet, care instructions and separate invoice for insurance purposes. On top of this our items come with 14 day no quibble money back guarantee and are all fully insured for when shipping.


“ Items from an extensive collection built up over the last 30 years by a serious collector of interesting and important boxes and other unusual sewing tools. This represents a lifelong interest in the subject, and includes many interesting pieces.”

Quotes from the lovely passionate collector.

Each item were all purchased because they spoke to me - an instant buzz - a connection somehow with the box - and then the joy of finding the small contents which bring the boxes back to life - I have loved and cherished each and every one.

Shipping Cost:
United Kingdom £25
Europe £45
US £65
Rest of the World £85

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Material Wood
Age C. 1825
Height 9 in  (22.86 cm)   Diameter 3.50 in  (8.89 cm)