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Asprey Burr Walnut Games Box Compendium


Asprey Burr Walnut Games Box Compendium

A stunning Games compendium veneered in beautiful figured burr walnut with a satinwood interior & coromandel facings. The top lifts and the front doors swing open to reveal a Staunton natural and red stained bone chess set with three layers of games: the first layer contains bone dominoes, six bone dice, natural and red stained bone Backgammon & Draughts counters and a gilded brass Cribbage board with bone pegs. The second layer contains four packs of Bezique cards and Royle Game Bezique Rule Book.
The bottom layer contains two boxwood shakers, red stained and natural bone counters/gaming chips and the top houses a leather game board for Chess / Draughts and Backgammon. The back edge has a brass plaque reading : ASPREY 166 BOND STREET.

This Antique Games compendium comes with a fully working lock and tasselled key.

Walnut comes in many varieties from America to Europe.

American Walnut is often a warm yellow-brown to purple-brown colour with a straight grain.

European Walnut tends to vary greatly from tree to tree in terms of colour and pattern. From light grey-brown to dark brown with dark grain and irregular markings.

Walnut trees often develop large burr growths which when veneered show beautiful rich coloured swirls.

Asprey was established in 1781 by William Asprey, and was originally set up to be a silk printing business, but soon became a luxury emporium. Located in central London, Asprey advertised 'articles of exclusive design and high quality, whether for personal adornment or personal accompaniment and to endow with richness and beauty the table and homes of people of refinement and discernment.' As the business grew the company acquired several manufacturing facilities and hired silversmtihs, goldsmiths, jewelers and watchmakers including Ernest Betjeman. In 1859 Asprey bought Edwards, a Royal Warrant holder and award winning dressing case maker. In 1862 Asprey was granted its first Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria and the company enjoyed a long relationship with various members of the British Royal Family.

Shipping Cost:
United Kingdom £25
Europe £85
International £130

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Material Wood, Brass, Bone,
Age C. 1880
Dimensions Width 12.75 in  (32.38 cm)   Depth 8.75 in  (22.22 cm)  
Height 7 in  (17.78 cm)