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A Writing Box of outstanding quality made with Cuban Mahogany, with flush-fitting side-handles, unusual engraved brass inlays, and an intriguing secret compartment. Its lock is stamped 'W.Muckleston Patent'.

The writing box contains its original purpley blue leather and cut-glass brass inkwells. The facings are all veneered in stunning Kingwood again with the same cut brass stringing / inlay and decorative brass reinforced corners. To the centre it has a Ebony removable pentray and either side this it has two brass inlaid kingwood lids with turned wooden handles one being slightly chipped. The larger writing surface has its original green ribbons to the back of the flap, for holding stationery and calling cards etc. Lifting the smaller writing surface reveals a beautifull dovetailed wooden tray with two brass sprung rings which go back down into the tray when in the closed postiton. Removing the tray shows more room for storing more letters and documents and also shows more brass inlay work.

To release the very secret intriguing compartment: The writing box tray has to be removed and where the tray sits on the supports at the bottom you need to put your thumbs under the brass inlaid compartment (under the inkwell and pentray compartment in the lower part of the box) pushing your thumbs in and squeezing quite hard the whole inkwell and pentray compartment springs up. It can now be removed to reveal a two lidded removable secret compartment. This is veneered in Kingwood and again is inlaid in brass and has been constructed with the most tiny dovetailed joints using cuban mahogany. Despite its age its as if it was made yesterday.

The box has a bill inside from 172 Trafalgar Rd, Greenwhich, SE10 from H.J.Tuson & Sons Ltd who were Pawn Brokers, Jewellers and General Salesman Estblished 1868 Dated 9th September 1933.

Its also a black scealing wax a Bone dip pen with gold plated knib by Joseph Gillott Penmaker To The Queen and a cardboard case by A.W. FABER Pencil Manufacturere Est 1761 Stein near Nuremburg Bavaria.
Age C. 1810
Dimensions Width 16.50 in  (41.91 cm)   Depth 10.50 in  (26.67 cm)  
Height 6 in  (15.24 cm)