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Hampton Antiques are passionate about fighting fakes. These are not just found on online auction sites, but also at big name auction houses, and antiques fairs & shops across the world.

Think you bought a bargain? People often love telling us about something they have acquired at a bargain price. To the untrained eye, the piece may look similar to a piece we are selling here. But sadly, 99% of the time, these tend not to be original or genuine. We all love a bargain, however, you have to ask yourself: when a piece should retail at thousands of pounds and you buy the 'same' piece for a few hundred, is it too good be true? The answer is that it usually is.

Our advice is to only buy pieces from specialist dealers, preferably one who is registered with a trade association, such as BADA.

Our position in the antiques trade is quite unique in that, not only are we dealers, we are also restorers. As such, we have the knowledge and expertise to spot a fake. If you are unsure of a recent purchase, we are happy to provide an appraisal (please contact us for a quote).