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We endeavour to describe and photograph each item as fully as possible, however if there is anything at all you are not sure about before you buy, please contact us. For the quickest service, give us a call on 01604 863 979 to place your order. Alternatively, fill in your requirements via our Contact form and we will get back to you by phone or email. We prefer payment by BACS or debit card, but also accept most credit cards subject to a fee (5% fee for American Express, 2% for all other cards). We do not accept Diners Club.

If you wish to buy Tortoiseshell items and you are outside of the UK you will need a CITES licence to enable you to export the item from the UK legally. These items can be exported legally providing they were made prior to 1947. We can obtain these on your behalf at a cost of £50. These can take up to 15 working days to be issued by DEFRA. Please also be aware that your country's Customs (especially USA) can still hold your item for inspection, and reserve the right to refuse importation. These are unlikely events, but we feel it is important to make you aware of the implications of importing and exporting such items.

Some items we offer for sale incorporate or are made from antique elephant ivory. We deplore the illegal poaching of elephants, but it is important to understand that any antique items made from ivory that are offered for sale by us were created at a time when ivory was a widely available material. African and Asian elephants then existed in such large numbers that their survival in the wild was not threatened. Since Roman times ivory has been used by craftsmen as a singularly responsive material with its subtle, glowing colour. It can be cut, carved or etched and has been used for hundreds of years to create historically and religiously significant works of art, as well as many objects of a more utilitarian nature. The value of all these objects lies in the craftsmanship applied to their creation and not in the ivory material itself.

Genuine antiques containing worked ivory can be sold in the UK and transferred to most EU countries without a licence. Should you wish to take antiques containing ivory to a country outside the EU it will be necessary to obtain CITES permits for them in advance of shipment. This is a straightforward process with which we will be happy to assist.