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Rene Lalique Comete Etoile Filante / Comet shooting star


Rene Lalique Comete Etoile Filante / Comet shooting star

Superb rare Comet car mascot by Rene Lalique. These wonderful car mascots from the 1920s were made to sit on car radiator mounts and were the ultimate luxury accessory. They were lit from within by a lightbulb, creating a beautiful, warm glow at night - the faster the car went the brighter the glow.

This very rare piece originates from a private owner who inherited it from his grandfather, who would tell stories of the comet's rare appearances. The gentleman's most prized possession, it would only be displayed on special occasions, such as trips to a restaurant or the theatre. He would wait until the next day for it to fully cool before wrapping it in its own towel, then locking it away in a secret place.

This model was introduced in 1925. Within the original Breves radiator mount with a orange coloured filter, it is the third rarest of the twenty eight car mascots produced by Rene Lalique. The Lalique comet tail has the moulded "R.LALIQUE" mark in block capitals with the Q having a double tail.

This wonderfully rare Rene Lalique Comet is being offered for sale in A1 condition and with its original breves mount with ebonised wooden base.

Comet Dimensions:
Height 3"
Width 2"
Depth 7.5"

Dimensions including breves mount:
Height 6"
Width 4"
Depth 8.5"

Shipping Cost:
United Kingdom £25
Europe £65
US £85
Rest of World £130

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Material Glass
Age C. 1925
Dimensions Width 2 in  (5.08 cm)   Depth 7.50 in  (19.05 cm)  
Height 3 in  (7.62 cm)